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Computer One provides the advanced technology your school needs.

When we started in this business more than 30 years ago, classroom technology consisted of electric pencil sharpeners and overhead projectors. Today, our teachers and students are equipped with technology to enhance the learning process greater than ever before.

Tablet Learning 

The invention of the tablet has been the latest and greatest technology boom in education. Schools across the United States have adopted 1 to 1 programs to ensure each student can utilize an iPad or tablet daily.  It's no surprise that students enjoy the new technology. A study at Oklahoma State University concluded that 75% of students agreed that having an iPad in the classroom enhanced their learning experience.  Teachers and parents are on board too. According to Open Colleges, 81% of teachers in the U.S. think that tables can enrich classroom learning.

Safe & Reliable Technology Solutions

Computer One specializes in providing technology solutions to schools across Louisiana. We make sure students get the most out of their technology through a safe network and reliable software. We can control each step of the process from installing hardware to updating a school's wireless system, to providing network security and antivirus software to surveillance and maintenance.

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