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Network Security

Most computer users are somewhat familiar with network security.

If I asked you "What do you know about network security?" Chances are you would reply, "You need it." Well, yea every computer and every network should be secure, but what's the best approach to network security?

Computer One provides network security from a multi-layer approach and partners with industry leaders to provide our clients with solutions that will keep them safe and make sense for their industry. Our enterprise antivirus software is installed on all our clients’ workstations and servers and is managed, updated, and monitored as part of our monthly service. Our second layer of network security is our enterprise firewalls. They add an additional layer of security that protect our clients network from malicious internet attacks and unauthorized users from accessing their network. Our enterprise firewalls also provide our customers with a secure way to remotely access their network should the need arise.

You've heard the old phrase.

The only thing that is constant is change. With advances in technology, it takes a company that is invested in your success and serious about security to keep up with the changing landscape of threats in order to keep your network protected and secure. Contact us and let Computer One keep your business thriving by making sure it is secure.


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