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Security Solutions you can trust.

Data security is a vital segment for government office technology in that governments are more susceptible than private corporations to hacks or breaches. Computer One provides dependable network security to government offices across Louisiana. We work to ensure data is delivered and stored in a secure manner through our onsite and offsite backup storage solutions.

We'll set it up, and then maintain it

Government entities can become closer to its people through the proper use of technology. Computer One is here to set-up and maintain government technology. We offer complete network management and support, virus and spyware removal and protection, connectivity of printers and scanners, compliance services and 24/7 remote support.

We're Here to Help

Having 40+ years of experience, the associates at Computer One understand the need for reliable and cost-efficient technologies for government entities. Contact us today to learn more about our custom solutions fit for government agencies. 


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